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A series of LiveUser articles describes how to setup and use the LiveUser authentication and permission framework.

Following topics are covered:

  • Concepts
  • Authentication
  • Permissions

How will this documentation help you ?

The introduction

Reading the introduction will help you:

The authentication part

By reading the authentication you will be able to:

  • configure LiveUser authentication
  • add your own user fields
  • interface LiveUser with your own user database tables
  • work with different encryption systems
  • change the database layer
  • add an account remembering feature
  • build an example of authentication

Some other topics still need to be investigated:

  • Multiple container management
  • Full documentation of the configuration file

The permission part

By reading the permission articles you will be able to:

  • understand the concept of users and permissions
  • assign rights directly to a user (simple level of permissions)
  • understand an example of simple level of permissions
  • assign users to a group
  • assign rights to a group of users (medium level of permissions)
  • build an example of medium level of permissions
  • manage implied rights for users (complex level of permissions)
  • build an example of complex level of permissions
  • configure User types and permissions types from user to admin of the (across levels of permissions)

Some other topics are still to be documented:

  • languages and translations (simple level)
  • Permission limited by ownership (complex level)
  • User level: from area user to super user (complex level)
  • Sub groups (complex level)

Special thanks

Many thanks to Lukas Smith (member of the LiveUser development team) for its reviews and comments on this documentation.