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Several years ago, long before the advent of mobile technologies, we designed our first web sites. The rapid evolution of technology and miniaturization have led us to study the ergonomics of websites and applications for mobile platforms such as phones and tablets More generally , we investigate ways of presenting information any medium and identify the efficient and effective use of these technologies.

Our expertise in business analysis allows us to better determine the needs of our clients, if necessary, formalizing your business processes helps us to find the best solutions and to identify activities automation needs. Practical experience allows us to identify potential process improvements working in addition to IT tools will provide an adequate solution to your needs.

We also develop automation solutions and any customized program , you would need

We also integrate the potential of social networks in your IT solutions . We also try to make our contribution to the developer community by publishing articles on current technologies.

GVN has signed the "eTic" code of ethics that can be read on http://www.charte-etic.be. In case of failure, you can complain by writing to "plainte@charte-etic.be".

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