Application development

Fast computer applications, efficient and reliable provide valuable assistance in a world where we must be ready to meet the expectations of its customers. We all want to respond quickly to requests from our customers and partners, and where we are.

Development for mobile platforms

Mobile devices allow you to take your applications with you anywhere to be effective at any time, you can view the data of remote computer systems. We offer applications that will help you to check all vital information or to submit important information to your customers. You can also trigger significant remote operations. We support yet applications for devices running the Android operating system.

We take care of:

  • application development on Android
  • the client application development of web service (SOAP)
  • the security of information exchanges with web services
  • writing the manual
  • application maintenance

Custom applications

Desktop applications help you in your specific daily tasks. These tasks are usually not provided by the central information systems shared by all users. These applications take care of heavy and repetitive or complicated tasks and free your time for more interesting tasks. We integrate for you desktop tools in the Microsoft Office suite and we do all type of application in Visual Basic (VB) or Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Our knowledge of the object model of Microsoft Office suite will ensure optimal use of the conjugated Access, Excel, Word, Outlook or PowerPoint power.

We take care of:

  • requirements analysis
  • application development in Visual Basic
  • application development in Microsoft Access VBA
  • developing macros for Microsoft Office
  • automation of Word, Excel and other Office Suite
  • writing manual
  • application maintenance

Distributed applications

Telecommunication facilities allow users to stay in touch with their work environment regardless of where they are. The world increasingly virtual in which we live leads a group of people whose members are sometimes separated by several thousand kilometers to collaborate on a common goal. Similarly , business visiting clients can access their work environment during travel . Distributed applications based on the Internet can share the same information and the same tools regardless of the distance . We offer applications that are designed according to a standard architecture for webs services called " Simple Object Application Protocol " (SOAP) . Users interact with the computer system using client applications that interact in a standard way with the web service. The advantage of course is that the design of the client part of the system can be particularized according to local conditions because there are no constraints related to the type of hardware or software or specific operating system. Client applications can be Windows , Linux , Android or sites and web applications.

We take care of:

  • the design and development of web services
  • the design and development of client applications
  • the security of web services and communications
  • developing client applications on Linux, Windows or Android
  • designing client application or website

Addins for Microsoft Office

We develop additional toolbars for Microsoft Office to add specific functions you need to desktop tools you know.

We take care of:

  • requirements analysis
  • product design
  • writing manual
  • application maintenance

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