Responsive website design

The advent of mobile stations and the media have changed our daily consumption of information available on the Web, resulting in significant adjustments to its presentation. The popularity of smart phones and other mobile tablets leads to use of information in situations extremely varied.

Responsive design of websites and web applications is a technique for dynamically adapting the content of a web page according to the display device used. The information is still readable and usable whatever the size of the very small screen for smart phones to giant screens increasingly used nowadays. An adaptive website also fit a touch screen whose use is completely different than a keyboard and a mouse. The navigation system facilitates the movement in a linear presentation linked to a small screen. The layout of information may also vary depending on the space available to ensure quality, navigation and comfort for optimal reading.


Our added value

Through our applications and reactive websites, you will get a greater number of potential customers, improving the chances of getting new contracts or sales. The appropriate ergonomic design aligned with the behavior of visitors to your website will showcase your products and services. We optimize your sites and applications to reduce waiting times at loading pages, especially when speed is limited by mobile connections using 3G and others who are slower than traditional fixed connections. We manage the content of your website or at your request we design a management system (CMS) allowing you to modify the content of your pages easily. Our long experience in development, usability and project management puts at your fingertips effective tools at minimum cost.

Our proposal

We propose a dynamic internet tailored solution that enhances the perception of your company and meets your needs.

We take care of:

  • dynamic websites
  • the build of interactive web applications
  • the interface for use on touch screens
  • the navigation system
  • optimizing performance with Google PageSpeed
  • security aspects
  • logo design
  • the design of the website
  • picture improvement
  • database design
  • adding the advertising
  • optimization for search engine
  • The implementation of CMS (Content Management System)

The rational use of the latest technologies ensure the best comfort for visitors to your web pages.

Web Services

Webs services, whether public or private are now very popular. They offer IT solutions your customers opportunities to interact with your website that will provide them the data they need. Webs paid services also provide you with additional financial income.

We analyze customer needs and advise you a suitable technical solution. We design of web services in accordance with the required technical specifications.

The following technologies are supported:

  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
  • Representational State Transfer (REST)
  • JavaScript Object Notation - Remote Procedure Call (JSON-RPC)
  • JavaScript Object Notation - Web-Service Protocol (JSON-WSP)
  • Web Service Description Language (WSDL)
  • XML-Remote Procedure Call (XML-RPC)

We take care of:

  • the requirements analysis
  • the design of the solution
  • writing the manual
  • application maintenance

Content management system

The quality of the content of a website directly determines the relevance of pages compared to searches.

We offer 3 ways to prepare the content of your pages:

  • You provide us with a raw content with your ideas. We write your pages and put them online as soon as you're satisfied
  • You provide us with your content in Microsoft Word format. We put your content online without changing the text
  • We provide a tool for content management based on the design of your site and you take over the management of your website content

We take care of:

  • content writing and spell checking your pages
  • formatting content to publish on your site
  • installation and configuration of a content manager
  • developing your custom content manager

Google optimizations

You will probably want your website to appear among the top search results. To achieve this objective, the quality of the content must be high and the performance of the website should be optimal.

We propose to examine the content of your website and advise you how to improve the content and technical elements. We also offer performance optimization of your website for mobile and fixed devices.

We take care of:

  • review the content of your website
  • review the content of your website
  • writing a report with the improvements to your website content and technical improvements to be made

Social network profiles

The presence and visibility of your company on social networks have now become very important. This is a way to get additional visits to your website.

We take care to align the identity information of your business and those of your profiles on social networks.

We take care of:

  • the alignment of graphical and textual elements of your profile with your website
  • the inclusion of your badge in your social networking web pages
  • Paternity indexation of your pages and your articles in the Google search engine

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