PHP Tips

True and False values

In PHP, there are some rules for a boolean evaluation:

  • for numeric values:
    • 0 is false
    • anything else is true
  • for string values:
    • the empty string is false
    • "0" is evaluated to false
    • all else is true
  • for an array
    • an empty array is false
    • an array with any elements is true
  • for an object
    • an empty object (no defined methods or functions) is false
    • true otherwise

PHP provides 2 built-in constants:

  • TRUE defined as the integer value 1
  • FALSE defined as the empty string

Assignment, Equality and Identity

PHP defines 3 operations with its own operator:

  • "=" assign a value to a variable
  • "==" compares the values of 2 operands.
  • "===" compares their values and their types

"==" and "===" do not work on arrays or objects.

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